A Collection Of Things

An assortment of items found and cataloged by Joel Owen Schierloh.

Found some sweet old Harley designs while digging for inspiration on a project. Had to share.

The newlywed Turman’s! @kyleturman @_anniewaters  (at Harn Homestead)

The newlywed Turman’s! @kyleturman @_anniewaters (at Harn Homestead)



Best Made Company — Hudson Bay Axe

Portable, versatile, and razor sharp.

Designed by Best Made in New York, drop forged in the fires of fourth generation axe makers Council Tool in North Carolina. Made for speed and portability, with canoeists and campers officially in mind. The handle of our Hudson Bay is longer than most, providing greater control when using two hands, and added safety with a farther reach when using one. The Hudson Bay is perhaps the most versatile axe as it combines the strengths of a larger axe for chopping, and the finesse and safety of a smaller one for delicate work.